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Dont read the end if you havent seen saw III and want to see it! - Jade [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Dont read the end if you havent seen saw III and want to see it! [Feb. 12th, 2007|11:20 am]
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Hi =]

well.... as it says in the little subject bar...
im bored =]
but im really not... because im listening to music..
and im writing on here... 
but i really am bored...lol
i am.. and im crazy...

nothing's really happened...
on saturday... i called carlos (it was his birthday)
and... he had his phone off!!!! what a jerk!!!
then i called him on sunday.. and he said he was
 "busy" psh... what a jerk... uh!
im still not over that... and im not over the fact 
that you didnt open the zipper lol
you guys dont need to know about that though ;]

I watched saw III yesterday.. it was diiiisssgggguuuusstiiinnngg!!!!
and carlos i dont know what part you were talking about *the extra nasty part*
maybe because they were all really nasty... or im a weirdo and didnt think 
any of em were nasty...
i think they were all nasty... 
the worst ones.... mmm.... when the guys head and arms and legs were 
totally twisted and broken... 
and... when the lynn ladies head was blown into the wall because of her collar...
or... ugh yea the beginning when the guy had to "release himself from his chains"
2 things that got me mad... the guy who's son got hit by a car... not helping the 
ppl right away... i think i wouldve helped em right away.. i couldnt just let them 
be tortured and die!
and the lady... Amanda.. making the torture devices impossible!!! nobody could get out of the 
chain one or the lady who had her ribs torn out...
that lady was messed up.. .and she's the reason that everyone died in the end.
lynn, her, jeff, and the old guy... *gasp* and his daughter!!! =[
nobody knows where she is. that's sad...

anyway.. talk to me =]
call me.. write.. w/e