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(no subject) [Mar. 1st, 2007|01:04 pm]
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I am soooo mad a carlos =[
well kind of... yesterday i called him.. cause we hadnt talked for like 5 days.. and my brother answered.. wouldnt give me the phone and was just being ridiculous.. well he put the phone on speaker and he was telling carlos what was going on and carlos knew he was on speaker but just kept acting like he didnt even care that kurtis wasnt letting him talk to me! i was devastated =/ Jerk... anyway.. =] im gonna be 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!! in like 5 days =] and.. it's only about two months till me and carlos have been together for like 3 yrssss!!!!!!!!!! yay!!! gosh im so excited.. and hopefully by then he will have SAVED.. and we can really make some plans for my sweetness (him) to move up here!!!!! wouldnt that be absolutely wonderful my love =]
*nods head* yes it would =]
well.. i've got a paper due tomorrow.. havent started it... and ... yea.. i'll have to start it sometime =]
anyway.. rachell talk to me... tell me what's been up =] what did you guys do for valentines day? did you ever tell me? i dont think so.... well that's about it for now... except for one thing... if you guys are having trouble with math (i was)
I have a huge tip!!!!!!!!! do your homework =]
i started doing my hw last wk and it's all very clear to me =] lol that's my tip of the day...

have fun... be safe... call me.... =]

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Dont read the end if you havent seen saw III and want to see it! [Feb. 12th, 2007|11:20 am]
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[Current Mood |contentcontent]
[Current Music |santa monica]

Hi =]

well.... as it says in the little subject bar...
im bored =]
but im really not... because im listening to music..
and im writing on here... 
but i really am bored...lol
i am.. and im crazy...

nothing's really happened...
on saturday... i called carlos (it was his birthday)
and... he had his phone off!!!! what a jerk!!!
then i called him on sunday.. and he said he was
 "busy" psh... what a jerk... uh!
im still not over that... and im not over the fact 
that you didnt open the zipper lol
you guys dont need to know about that though ;]

I watched saw III yesterday.. it was diiiisssgggguuuusstiiinnngg!!!!
and carlos i dont know what part you were talking about *the extra nasty part*
maybe because they were all really nasty... or im a weirdo and didnt think 
any of em were nasty...
i think they were all nasty... 
the worst ones.... mmm.... when the guys head and arms and legs were 
totally twisted and broken... 
and... when the lynn ladies head was blown into the wall because of her collar...
or... ugh yea the beginning when the guy had to "release himself from his chains"
2 things that got me mad... the guy who's son got hit by a car... not helping the 
ppl right away... i think i wouldve helped em right away.. i couldnt just let them 
be tortured and die!
and the lady... Amanda.. making the torture devices impossible!!! nobody could get out of the 
chain one or the lady who had her ribs torn out...
that lady was messed up.. .and she's the reason that everyone died in the end.
lynn, her, jeff, and the old guy... *gasp* and his daughter!!! =[
nobody knows where she is. that's sad...

anyway.. talk to me =]
call me.. write.. w/e


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RIP... my hamster [Feb. 7th, 2007|08:50 am]
[Current Mood |nauseatednauseated]

It's been a horribly disgusting day... *throws up*

I got up, took a shower, got half dressed, fed my hamsters, noticed that one
of them was out of it's cage on the floor... picked it up and put it back...
started looking for the other one.. saw blood on my bed... saw more blood on my bed... flipped up my comforter and *gasp* a beheaded hamster.... *throws up again*
it was... Peppy that killed it... and i was sleeping right next to it all night...
omg it was disgusting... it is disgusting... there is blood on my floor...
ugh it's gross...
well that's all for now...

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nothingness...maybe everythingness... [Feb. 6th, 2007|01:37 pm]
[Current Mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[Current Music |contagious =]]

ugh... well first off.. if you guys know anything
about mp3 players and how to put music on em tell me!!!
i spent like 3 hours trying to figure it out.. but i cant =[

2nd.. i feel slightly paranoid today... just barely though so
dont worry carlos... =]
it still sucks... im kind of getting sick =[
it's not as bad as usual though so that's good...
i feel kinda crappy today. i dont know why. maybe it's the
weather or the slight paranoia or the fact that im so huge and
cant stop it... or cannot get myself to stop it... not enough motivation...

i talked to my dad yesterday (for the first time in a couple of wks)
we had a great conversation. we looked at lots of pics together (not
really together cause he lives so far away but weve got some of
the same pics) ummm... he sent pics =] yay!!! ive decided that he looks
kind of snobby and richy and macho (kinda jockish i guess)he definitely doesnt act that
way though which is good... i told him how i think his pics look and he called me a jerk =]
then i talked crap about his horrible freakin hair back from the 80's
he's great... when he keeps in touch.

mmm... i dont know what else to say.. i mish carlos <3 =[

im going to the university of washington on thursday..
maybe i'll like it
i did like PLU (pacific lutheran)
im seriously considering moving into a dorm. *sigh*
thanks to Ivonne ugh...
idk which would be cheaper.. maybe the apt with 3 ppl is cheaper?
possibly? i dont know i'll have to figure it all out...

carlos were gonna go to the same college right?
i'll go wherever you wanna go if you dont wanna go where i wanna
go... cause then we can see each other on campus and stuff =]
my mom told me about some college that her friends daughter
graduated from that seems pretty good.. i dont know i'll look at it.
If youre sure your still coming up here.. you should start looking at colleges

anyway... we'll figure it out.. eventually...
god i mish you.. come back...

well im gonna go... talk to me you guys =]
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